C-SCAPES is building on a strong foundation of scientific evidence, partnership and demonstration of on-ground actions, in a collective effort to conserve marine and coastal biodiversity, and accelerate the transition to sustainable and inclusive development across India.

Our Story

Commemorating the Tata’s 150 years of serving society through science and nation building, Tata Chemicals launched the C-SCAPES in 2018. The Centre is rooted in Tata’s core sustainability values, and is a natural extension of the Company’s sustainability initiative, Dharti Ko Arpan, which means dedicated to the earth.

Interventions under TCL’s ‘Dharti Ko Arpan’ programmes include coral reef restoration in Mitapur, mangrove restoration and rehabilitation, waterfowl conservation at Charakla saltworks, whale shark conservation initiatives, Asiatic lion conservation initiatives, and the creation of Eco Clubs to strengthen environmental education and awareness. The learning and experiences from these initiatives have guided our journey towards designing and developing new collaborative approaches to practically demonstrate approaches that marine biodiversity conservation can be in everyone’s interest.

As we commemorate 150 glorious years of Tata, it gives me great pleasure to launch our first center of excellence to institutionalize the conservation of marine biodiversity. It is important that we provide for the proper conservation and management of the marine ecosystems, which play a vital role in our ocean’s resources and human well-being. We continually look for scientific ways to positively impact society through the sustainability of our programs. With this launch, we take one more step to further the Tata group’s purpose of improving the quality of life and environment for the communities we serve.


Mr. R. Mukundan

Managing Director, Tata Chemicals (September 2018)